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Specializing in Bicycle Equipment, and Hockey Skates


Barber's Bike Shop is proud to carry REDLINE, Diamondback, Mongoose, and Haro Bicycles.  We also carry a full line of Bicycle Accessories.  

Barbers Bike Shop also does a full line of Bicycle Repairs.  Call for details.



At Redline, we are determined to make products that outperform even our wildest expectations. No other company does a better job of designing the ideal bike with the correct materials and construction to provide the best possible ride.

Redline has been producing the best BMX bikes on the planet

since 1974. It all started with he first tubular chromoly fork. Redline then moved on to improve or invent virtually every performance part over the next 26 years. If you have a chromoly fork, crank or handlebar on your bike, you can thank redline for bringing it to BMX. And we're not done yet...

The top riders have always used Redline products since day one. Not only factory sponsored riders, but regular people who demand the best. These are the riders who push us to constantly improve each year. They are our inventors, our engineers, our developers. 

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Cycling has come a long way, and so has Diamondback. We've been around since 1977, producing some of the highest quality, technologically advanced and most affordable bicycles in the business. Seeing needs, identifying them, and reacting are key reasons we are industry leaders. 

Diamondback 2000. Products that have been rider designed and tested by people who have spent the better part of their 

lives riding, loving, and learning about what exactly makes a bike tick. Models with identity. To fit specific needs. Like the XR8, with its full suspension "without the weight" fame design or the Response, and its killer mix of components for a great trail machine, or the urban friendly Sherwood. 

Take a look. Diamondback 2000. Identifying your needs into the new millennium. 

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A direct descendent of our nearly 25-year pro racing heritage, Mongoose bikes are the result of a dynamic collaboration between our designers, engineers, and pro riders. during 

development, our riders test each prototype and offer feedback on overall performance, handling capabilities, component mix, and feel.

From entry level models to the most advanced pro-racer we create, we utilize the best materials available and the finest construction methods. So whether you're buying our down-hill monster NX 9.7LT, or our True Technologies DX 10.9 Titanium mountain bike, or our FUZZTM BMX/dirt jumper - just to name a few - when you see Mongoose on the headbadge, you can be assured you are buying the advanced design, technology, components and performance our pro riders demand.

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Haro wrote the book on freestyle but the sequels seem to get better and better. With characters like Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist and Chad DeGroot to work with, the writing comes easy. We're not talking fiction here.

There's no need for fancy adjectives or bogus claims that can't be backed up with facts. Haro is the real deal when it comes to proven performance and product innovation. 

It's no wonder our bikes are best sellers. Forget about those other brands. If you want the best bikes, you're looking at 'em. 

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Barbers Bike Shop carries a full line of Bicycle Accessories.  This is a small sampling of what we carry.  If you don't see what you need, please feel free to give us a call!
  • BMX Parts
  • Tires - all sizes
  • Tubes - all sizes
  • Helmets
  • All parts for Do-It-Yourselfers






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