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Specializing in Bicycle Equipment, and Hockey Skates


Barber's Bike Shop is your one stop shop for Hokey Skates in Jackson.  From New Equipment, to Sharpening.  From Rockering to Repairs we do it all!  We even Sponsor Local Hockey Teams.  


New Equipment

Barbers Bike shop can order almost any skate, blade, or equipment that you desire. We specialize in CCM Prolite and Tuuk Plus Blades. Stop by for a complete list of available equipment!





With our years of Hockey Experience, we realize that  sharp blades are integral for good play. Bring your blades in, and have them sharpened by someone with years of Hockey Experience, not someone who sharpens just anything!





Barbers Bike Shop has years of experience playing Hockey, and keeping up Hockey Equipment. Therefore we specialize in Rockering Hockey Blades. Rockering the blades produces a smooth curve from toe to heel. Advanced hockey skaters realize that this makes the difference between good skating, and excellent skating. Stop by for an example of rockering from our Hockey Skating expert.





Barbers Bike Shop can complete an entire array of Skate Repairs including but not limited to riveting, and blade replacement. Blades will be replaced with either CCM Prolite blades, or Tuuk Plus blades, for the best performance possible. For questions or repair quotes stop by the store, or give us a call!




Sponsoring Local Hockey Teams

Barbers Bike Shop realizes there is a need for local Hockey Teams. We Sponsor Local Teams for local leagues. For more information on current teams, or information on getting sponsored please stop by, or give us a call!





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