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 New Millennium Ministries
Consulting & Biblical Counseling Center




We are called to minister to the whole person within the body of Christ.

We believe that a personal, vital knowledge of Jesus Christ is essential to salvation, and is the foundation of all true Biblical Counseling. As such, we are committed to a wise and winsome confrontation of those who seek counseling and are not believers in the person of Christ.

Our thrust in counseling involves:

a creating a spiritual mind set.
b diagnosing and dealing with the problem.
c discipleship.
d encouraging those helped to minister to others.

The Word of God and its practical application functions as the counselors primary tool. As such we believe the Bible is the final and absolute authority in our lives today.

The work of the Holy Spirit is an integral part of the methodology and philosophy of Biblical Counseling. The Holy Spirit works to effect change through a Christianís new identity in Christ.

We believe that the Word of God is both therapeutic and theological, thus it can be used to heal emotional problems as well as spiritual ones.

The Scriptures provide the basic standard for every area of life. As such, its systems of ethics pertain to any culture and contemporary situation. Biblical counselors, therefore, possess an ethic for both right and wrong thinking and behavior.

We affirm that principles of behavior are to be drawn from Scripture first, and then corroborated by observation.

We deny that principles of behavior can be determined on the basis of observation alone.

We affirm the Bible to be the indispensable textbook on human and divine relationships and behavior.



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Emergency Numbers
Overcoming Harmful Habits
Distinctives of Biblical Counseling
Sexual Relationships
Stress & Anxiety

Cyril G. Page, Director
New Millennium Consulting & Biblical Counseling Center.
4 Universal Way, Suite 104
Jackson, Michigan 49202
(517) 740-4966



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