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 New Millennium Ministries
Consulting & Biblical Counseling Center



When in sorrow John 14

If you want to be John 15

When you have Psalm 51

When you are Matthew 6:19-34

When you are in Psalm 91

When God seems far Psalm 139

When you are lonely and Psalm 23

When your faith needs Hebrews 11

When you grow bitter and I Corinthians 13

For Paul's secret to Colossians 3:12-17

For understanding of II Corinthians 5:15-19

When you feel down and Romans 8:31

When you want peace and Matthew 11:25-30

When the world seems bigger than Psalm 90

When you want Christian Romans 8:1-30

When you leave home for labor or Psalm 121

When your prayers or Psalm 67

When you want courage for a Joshua 1

When you need to know how to get along with Romans 12

When you think of investments and Mark 10

If you are Psalm 27

If your pocketbooks is Psalm 37

If discouraged about your Psalm 126

If people seem John 15

If you think too highly of Psalm 19

Alternate numbers: For dealing with Psalm 34:7

            For Psalm 121:3

            For Mark 8:35

            For Psalm 145:18

Emergency numbers may be dialed direct.

        No operator assistance is necessary.

                 All lines to Heaven and Scripture are open 24 hours a day.


Anger Management
Emergency Numbers
Overcoming Harmful Habits
Distinctives of Biblical Counseling
Sexual Relationships
Stress & Anxiety

Cyril G. Page, Director
New Millennium Consulting & Biblical Counseling Center.
4 Universal Way, Suite 104
Jackson, Michigan 49202
(517) 740-4966



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