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The Most Comfortable Price In Town!

Sweet Dreams sells only Capitol Bedding mattresses.

Capitol Bedding has been manufacturing mattresses and box springs since 1946. They began by making mattresses and box springs one at a time using the finest components they could so that you, the customer, ended up with the best "value" product they could make. Over the years they have invested in their factory, purchasing the finest machinery available to the bedding industry.

The bottom line is that they still need to provide you with a better product. Compare and we are certain you will see Capitol Bedding puts more quality into your bed than any other brand.

The Box Spring
 Capitol Bedding's HMI Box Spring design, unique to Capitol Bedding, is the foundation of all their premium sleep sets. Designed by Capitol Bedding, made at their factory, the HMI vertical cross-slat frame is 10 times stronger than a conventional flat-slat frame. 

Think about why they put ceiling and floor joists on end, because they are stronger. The box spring is as important to your bed as the foundation is to your house, so even though you don't go into a store looking for a "box spring" do not underestimate it's importance. Capitol Bedding uses Link & Lace wire tied box spring units on top of their HMI frame. Real coils, not formed modules. Real working springs. This superior design is also used in fine furniture.

The Mattress
 Capitol Bedding manufactures a wide range of mattresses from conventional tight tops to luxurious pillow tops. They use a wide range of innerspring units from standard coil designs all they way up to the original pocket coil, the "Marshall Unit". 

They also utilize the finest cushioning foams and fibers so that we can provide you with the very finest sleep surface. Visit us and you can see exactly what is in each model, unlike many other brands, we are not afraid to show you what's on the inside.

Is This Quality Affordable?
 We guarantee our sleep products from 3 to 20 years depending on the model. This is a full guarantee, not a pro-rata warranty. We believe the "useful" life of a quality bed is 10-12 years and if you put cost into perspective you will see that yes, quality is affordable.




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